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VINCI model airplane plan


Plans Designed by Members

VINCI is my sixth corroplast model, the biggest one. Big models fly better, it's a known truth, but it was also about finding a size limit, the optimal point where the overall strength of the...

VINCI Details:
Class: Radio-Control
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 200cm-To-260cm (79in-To-102in)
Publisher: Plan selfmade
Designer: Zbigniew Janik
Plan File Info:
ID: 104195
File Size: 5.4 MB
Downloads: 263
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: zbjanik
Added: 15/05/2023 04:32
Updated: 15/05/23 05:33:24am

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PIPER VAGABOND model airplane plan

PIPER VAGABOND  ( 42.5 in. / 108 cm )

Full Size PDF Plans, Vectorial, Wood

PIPER VAGABOND (15-20)_MOBRAL MODELISMO DO BRASIL The Piper Vagabond was a scale kit from the 70 to 80´s sold by the late Mobral Modelismo do Brasil model company, model with a wingspan of 108 cm...

Type: Airplane
Class: Control-Line
Use: Trainer
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 42.5 in. / 108 cm
Date: 01/1978
Plan File Info:
ID: 104194
File Size: 1.2 MB
Downloads: 201
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: stg61abc
Added: 14/05/2023 00:10
Updated: 14/05/23 01:12:04am

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Sopwith Triplane model airplane plan

Sopwith Triplane  ( 36 in. / 91.4 cm )

Various Magazines

Sopwith Triplane Type Model: R/C Scale Military Wingspan: 36in. Triplane Engine: Electric Control: 3 channels Designer: Mike Roach

Sopwith Triplane Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Fighter
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 36 in. / 91.4 cm
Publisher: Flying Scale Models
Designer: Mike Roach
Date: 05/2001
Plan File Info:
ID: 104193
File Size: 197.9 KB
Downloads: 288
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: hlsat
Added: 07/05/2023 10:29
Updated: 07/05/23 11:29:25am

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Bellanca 1912 model airplane plan

Bellanca 1912


Giuseppe Bellanca baute sein erstes Flugzeug im Jahr 1912. Es widersprach den populären Entwürfen der damaligen Zeit, da sein Motor vorne und sein Leitwerk hinten war! Und obwohl dies heute die...

Bellanca 1912 Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Xperimental
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 160cm-To-200cm (63in-To-79in)
Publisher: FMT
Designer: Willy Bender
Date: 05/1980
Plan File Info:
ID: 104192
File Size: 10.0 MB
Downloads: 441
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: sound1971
Added: 28/04/2023 17:34
Updated: 01/05/23 09:04:22am

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Boeing B-17F model airplane plan

Boeing B-17F  ( 77.75 in. / 197.5 cm )


Already published from Gino72 but in this version there are the building instructions also

Boeing B-17F Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Bomber
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 77.75 in. / 197.5 cm
Plan File Info:
ID: 104191
File Size: 10.9 MB
Downloads: 347
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: antonio1962
Added: 24/04/2023 15:26
Updated: 27/04/23 09:11:35am

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SPORT MODEL (09_15) model airplane plan

SPORT MODEL (09_15)  ( 26.8 in. / 68 cm )

Various American Companies

SPORT MODEL 09 BY MOBRAL MODELISMO DO BRASIL LTDA - PLANS SET IN CAD VECTORING BY SÉRGIO ALBERTO DAEUBLE This plan was from a Mobral´s small sized aerobatic & sport kit sold by them from...

SPORT MODEL (09_15) Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Control-Line
Use: Sport
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 26.8 in. / 68 cm
Date: 01/1960
Plan File Info:
ID: 104188
File Size: 295.0 KB
Downloads: 173
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: stg61abc
Added: 22/03/2023 04:07
Updated: 22/03/23 04:31:11am

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River Jet Boat model airplane plan

River Jet Boat

Boats and Sailboats Models Plans

This is an aluminum style boat that can be built with 5mm foam, and powered with a shaft or a jet drive.

River Jet Boat Details:
Type: Boat
Class: Radio-Control
Motor: Electric-Powered
Publisher: other
Designer: Samuel Krajc
Date: 03/2023
Plan File Info:
ID: 104186
File Size: 296.9 KB
Downloads: 231
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: Samule
Added: 19/03/2023 00:07
Updated: 19/03/23 12:11:11am

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GAVIÃO model airplane plan

GAVIÃO  ( 33.1 in. / 84 cm )

Various American Companies

Our thanks to Commanders Rodrigo Londrina and Cláudio Siqueira for their kindness in sharing work and also formatting and adjusting this plan, which is from 1943 and which has great historical...

GAVIÃO Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Free-Flight
Use: Sport
Motor: Rubber-Band-Powered
Wingspan: 33.1 in. / 84 cm
Date: 01/1943
Plan File Info:
ID: 104184
File Size: 3.6 MB
Downloads: 91
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: stg61abc
Added: 17/03/2023 02:21
Updated: 18/03/23 08:23:18pm

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Cosmo T1 model airplane plan

Cosmo T1  ( 23.6 in. / 60 cm )

Various European Companies

Easy-to-build free flight glider. Materials 2mm bamboo sticks (steam bent), a few pieces of aluminum tube, 6x8x470mm hardwood engine rod, plastic nose, pylon and tail bed, Japanese paper. Cosmo T1...

Cosmo T1 Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Free-Flight
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 23.6 in. / 60 cm
Publisher: Cosmo Wood Craft Model CO.
Designer: unknown
Plan File Info:
ID: 104182
File Size: 643.3 KB
Downloads: 125
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: birhan
Added: 31/01/2023 21:45
Updated: 31/01/23 10:03:33pm

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GB3 Bob Copland 1938 model airplane plan

GB3 Bob Copland 1938  ( 45 in. / 114.3 cm )

PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from European Companies

GB3 Bob Copland 1938

GB3 Bob Copland 1938 Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Free-Flight
Use: Sport
Motor: Rubber-Band-Powered
Wingspan: 45 in. / 114.3 cm
Publisher: Premier Aeromodel Supplies
Designer: Bob Copland
Date: 09/1938
Plan File Info:
ID: 104181
File Size: 505.5 KB
Downloads: 83
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: geoffh
Added: 03/01/2023 20:31
Updated: 03/01/23 08:31:36pm

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Free-Flight / Civilian / 13 in. / 33 cm Span
Astra Kapferer model airplane plan
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DH9WSH model airplane plan
Free-Flight / Pylon-Racer / 53 in. / 134.6 cm Span
Alert   model airplane plan
 68 Airplane Gas-Powered Pylon-Racer
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